With a Rubriq Report, you can get critical feedback before you submit to a journal. This gives you the advantage of making a first round of revisions so you can make a better first impression. By using the custom journal recommendations based on your paper's content and score, you can also make smarter decisions about which journal to choose, and can get published faster. Submitting your paper with a complete Rubriq Report gives journals more information than they receive for other submissions, and can help your paper get noticed.

What's in a Rubriq Report?

The Scorecard

High-quality feedback from three experts in your field with scores and comments by section. The scorecard provides you with the same kind of high-quality feedback you would get from a journal peer review, but it’s faster, standardized, and completely independent. In addition, a Sound Research Stamp can be awarded to the work indicating the readiness of the manuscript for publication.

Journal Recommendations

You will also receive a customized list of journals selected by the Rubriq team based not only on the content of your paper, but also on its quality assessment.

Plagiarism Report

You get the advantage of previewing a report from iThenticate, the same provider that most journals use to detect plagiarism, so you can address any potential red flags before you submit.

How do I use my Rubriq Report?

  1. Carefully review your scorecard comments, and decide if you want to make any changes to your paper based on the feedback.
  2. Check your iThenticate report and address any potential plagiarism issues.
  3. Review the list of recommended journals, and decide which best fits your needs.
  4. When you submit your manuscript to the journal, you can include a copy of your Rubriq Report in the supplemental materials section. You can either attach a PDF version, or include the link scorecards.rubriq.com along with your unique verification code so the journal can view it online. If you have made any changes to your paper based on your Rubriq Report, be sure to note those revisions in your cover letter.

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