Research Square (including its divisions AJE, Rubriq, and JournalGuide) is dedicated to providing high-quality manuscript services to the research and academic communities while maintaining the highest standards for confidentiality, security and privacy. We understand the importance of your original work, and are dedicated to the protection of your intellectual property.

Submission Confidentiality

The documents that Research Square receives consist of the unpublished hard work and revolutionary ideas from the best scientists around the world. Any time you submit your unpublished research to a peer-reviewed journal for publication, there is some risk that journal reviewers will unethically take advantage of your trust. At Research Square, we adhere to the professional code of ethics that allows members of the worldwide research community to submit their work for peer review without worrying about the security of their ideas. Until and unless you choose to share your Rubriq Report (verification code, scorecard, R-Score, Compliance Check information, manuscript or other identifying information), only your reviewers and Rubriq managing reviewers will ever see your submission. We will never share your submission or your personal information with anyone outside of Rubriq reviewers and staff without your permission.

However, unlike a peer-reviewed journal, we are willing to back up our statement of confidentiality and security through legal means. Each one of our reviewers and staff members is required to sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving your submission. This document is a legally-binding contract that goes a step beyond the trust-based system of peer-reviewed journal submission. The confidentiality agreement ensures that our reviewers cannot, under any circumstances, share your personal details or manuscript. If a reviewer reveals any part of your submission to a third party, legal action can be taken based on this contract.

System Security

To make sure that your personal information and your submission are secure, we have installed the most powerful and updated security measures on our website. We use 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, the highest level of security commercially available. All communication between your computer and Research Square's systems are encrypted and inaccessible to third parties.

Additionally, we have several layers of security on our servers that further prevent unauthorized access to your submission and personal data. To protect your credit card information, we partner with Chase Paymentech and Braintree Payment Solutions. Rubriq will never store your credit card information, so you will not need to worry about fraudulent charges.