Call for reviewers: all fields

(work from home / telecommute / remote)

This isn't a typical call for reviewers...

Rubriq is a new independent peer review service attempting to improve the publishing process and put more time back into science. If an independent and standardized peer review could be accepted and shared across all types of journals and distribution systems, we could save a lot of time that is ordinarily wasted as papers are re-reviewed from one journal to the next. (see more in this short video here –

As a reviewer for Rubriq, you will be a part of this revolutionary new solution, and will be helping your fellow researchers to find success faster. But we have additional benefits to offer:

Rubriq Reviewer Benefits

Flexibility and choice: As a Rubriq reviewer, you will be closely matched to papers in your field using the keywords and MESH terms you entered. However, the final decision about reviewing a paper is always left up to you, the reviewer. You set your own availability. As the Rubriq network grows, our experienced reviewers will have more and more choices of which papers to review.

Professional exposure: Your review experience will get the professional recognition it deserves. Our system will provide a centralized way to keep track of your body of review work. Your official review record can go alongside your publication record, teaching experience, and grants awarded to show your additional contributions to the literature in your field. Also, since your reviews can be viewed by multiple journals, your opinions will be read by a wider variety of editors.

Respect for your time: As a reviewer, you may be inundated with review requests at all times, and may feel guilty for having to turn them down. We respect that your time is valuable, and allow you to control your own availability. You will only be matched to papers when you indicate that you are available, and you can change your availability at any time.

Compensation with options: At Rubriq, we honor reviewers by rewarding your participation and time, which typically will take the form of direct compensation (currently $100 per review). But we also plan to offer other options, such as contributing to your own lab/ organization fund for others to use for their reviews, or donating to a pre-screened charity in the research community.

It is an exciting time for our young company, and we are looking for experienced reviewers to join the team. Although our first beta phase is focused on immunology, cancer research and microbiology, we are currently accepting applications from all STM fields as we continue to expand our areas of study. While we are in these beta testing phases, many features of our system are still in development, and we look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback as part of the Rubriq network.

Reviewer requirements:

  • Must have an earned terminal degree in a specified area of research (PhD, MD or MD-PhD, DVM, DDS, DMD, or other doctoral level degree).

  • Must be employed full-time at an accredited research university or research institute. The current position must be at the level of professor (assistant, associate, or full professor), instructor, postdoctoral fellow, or faculty research associate. We do not accept graduate students or research technicians as reviewers.

  • Must have published as a first author or corresponding author in peer reviewed academic journals at a level commensurate with career level, and the applicant must have published within the past four years.

  • Prior experience as a journal peer reviewer is necessary; membership on a professional journal editorial board is a plus.

How to apply:

  • To be considered, simply sign up on our site ( and click on "Apply to be a reviewer" from your dashboard, then complete the application.

  • You will hear back from our team about the next steps. Once accepted, you will see a new Reviewer Dashboard available on your account when you log in.

We believe that Rubriq has the potential to reduce some of the tremendous redundancy that currently exists in the peer review process, and we are partnering with major publishers to beta test our system and our scorecard over the next several months.

We hope you can join us!