As a part of the Rubriq Network, your journal can attract more of the papers you want, and get greater exposure to new authors. You can also use Rubriq Reports to help streamline your screening process. There is no cost for journals to gain access to our variety of benefits, tools, and resources.

Why should journals recommend Rubriq to authors?

As a journal editor, the Rubriq Report gives you more information about a paper at the time of submission, and can therefore help you to make well-informed decisions much faster When an author submits a paper with a Rubriq Report, you get an assessment of the paper’s quality from three expert reviewers, and you can quickly access detailed evaluations by section with just a click. You also get a comprehensive plagiarism report at the beginning of the process, so you can be assured that you are reviewing original research. Authors who use Rubriq are also more likely to make a first round of revisions based on our reviewers’ feedback before they submit their paper to you. So you save back-and-forth time with the author, which can give you (and the author) a faster time to publication.

Options for Journals

Journals in the Rubriq system can update the information about their journal seen by authors, view the complete Rubriq report details (including reviewer profiles), and will soon be able to access unpublished papers in the network. Journals who wish to explore further integration with Rubriq and provide some additional advantage to authors who submit with a Rubriq Report can become a Partner Journal.

There is no cost for journals to join or participate in the Rubriq network. A general overview of benefits for all journals can be found on our Benefits Page. To read more about the specific advantages at the Active or Partner level please download our journal overview sheet.

In our current beta phase, only journals already in our database are open for verification and activation. If your journal has not received an invitation with a login, please fill out the Journal Request Form, so we can review your information and add you to the system.