We are a group of researchers, scholarly publishing experts, and technologists committed to putting lost time back into research.

Rubriq is a self-funded, for-benefit organization committed to making a difference in the world. Our goal is to create a sustainable business that will maximize our positive impact on the research and publishing industry.

We are not publishers. In fact, we believe a solution to the current redundant process of peer review in scientific publishing can’t be developed from within the publishing system. We are working to benefit all researchers and publishers that share our mission of speeding up the publication process while maintaining a rigorous pre-publication peer review process.

  • Chrissy Prater, PhD

    Chrissy Prater, PhD
    Peer Review Coordinator

  • Jen Rutan, PhD

    Jen Rutan, PhD
    Peer Review Coordinator

  • Keith Collier, MEd

    Keith Collier, MEd
    VP Business Development, Research Square

  • Lisa Anderson, PhD

    Lisa Anderson, PhD
    Peer Review Coordinator

  • Shashi Mudunuri, MBA

    Shashi Mudunuri, MBA
    CEO, Research Square

  • Vic Vijayakumar

    Vic Vijayakumar
    Principal Engineer, Research Square

Where we came from

Rubriq is a division of Research Square. Research Square is a privately-held company created by entrepreneur Shashi Mudunuri, who also started American Journal Experts in 2004, and who collaborated with Keith Collier to co-found Rubriq. Research Square was established for the purpose of incubating and launching startups without the burden of ties to any external funding, investors or shareholders. All divisions of Research Square will be connected by a common purpose to serve the research community as a for-benefit organization (living in the space between for-profit and non-profit).

Our core Rubriq team has been recruited directly from the experienced talent pool at its sister company, American Journal Experts. In addition to being researchers and reviewers themselves, the Rubriq product development team brings experience in developing and supporting private peer review, journal recommendation and submission screening services. Our software and design team also has experience developing highly efficient workflow systems and technologies that connect reviewers to papers, and papers to journals. Under Research Square, Rubriq has the freedom to operate independently in pursuit of its goals of sustainability and impact.