At Rubriq, our mission is simple: we exist to put time back into research. We've chosen to approach this task by developing a new independent peer review system based on our core beliefs as a team.

At Rubriq, we believe that…

…publishing research shouldn’t take this long! There should be a faster way to publish trusted research.

double-blind peer review is the best way we currently have to evaluate research with a limited amount of bias and high degree of understood value. Peer review should be timely, objective, rigorous, and transparent in its evaluation criteria.

…we can create a system that will help match manuscripts to the best journals. We believe that finding the highest quality match from the beginning will greatly speed time to publication, and produce better results for both authors and journals.

reviewers should be compensated for their time, and that the best reviewers should have more choice, flexibility and recognition. And that given those things, we can expect a consistent level of quality and timeliness.

…we can develop new solutions that challenge convention without losing the great things about the current system and without requiring industry-wide disruption to be effective.

…the solutions that make the system more efficient will accelerate the pace of discovery. We can put more time back into research by streamlining the current process.

…our rubric of quality of research, quality of presentation and novelty/impact (the Rubriq scorecard and R-Score) is a rigorous evaluation that can be used throughout the research community as a new standard for the purposes of assessment and journal matching.

…although post-publication peer review and alternative metrics are helpful in determining reception and impact over time, there should still be pre-publication review to check for plagiarism, conflicts of interest, ethical issues, and other critical factors, as well as to help sort and prioritize large bodies of research.

We're in business to make a difference

As an organization that is self-funded (through its parent Research Square), our independence enables us to improve the publishing process for all stakeholder groups. Our goal is that great science finds its best audience as fast as possible. By making the process more efficient, we can put more time back into research, and accelerate the pace of discovery.

We are not a publicly-traded company, and have no plans to become one. We have no venture capital, meaning we don.t have outside investors waiting for a return.  We have one shareholder who is committed to maximizing impact rather than profit. That means we are free to be good citizens by focusing on our employees, clients, and the community rather than on shareholder value.  We are set up to function sustainably without the need to rely on external donations or government grants.  We do need to generate enough revenue to stay in operation and to improve our service by investing in system improvements, but our goals and success are measured by more than just dollars.

As part of our commitment to putting more time back into research, we are also planning to put our own dollars back into research. With feedback from our advisors and the community, we are developing a company giving plan that will designate a percentage of profits for selected charitable organizations that benefit the advancement of research, and for programs that directly support Rubriq reviewers and authors. The details of our plan will be finalized as we prepare for our full launch and complete our Advisory Panel.


What does for-benefit really mean? It is a term used in to describe organizations that generate earned income, but give top priority to an explicit social mission. Benefit corporations create a material positive impact on society, and consider how their decisions affect their employees, community, and the environment.

Currently only seven states have adopted legislation to create a new legal class of corporation with this official designation. As a North Carolina organization, we are unable to formally apply for Benefit corporation status at the state level until pending legislation is passed. However, we are proactively following the existing standards and guidance in anticipation of this change in 2013.

In addition, we are also in the process of applying for B Corporation certification. Whereas a Benefit corporation is a legal status administered by the state, Certified B Corporation is a certification conferred by the nonprofit B Lab. B Corporations have been certified as having met a high standard of overall social and environmental performance based on a third-party audit and evaluation. Companies in all states are eligible to apply. To learn more about both Benefit corporations and B Corporations, you can see a comparison here.